Cost Comparison of a stick build vs. Jan Brown's VALUBUILD Home
The following calculator is to be used as a basic guide to estimate the cost of having a contractor stick build a home for you from the ground up (ie from foundation to turn key) vs. building a home using our system. Jan Brown's VALUBUILD Panel Homes Corp does not supply any labor for the construction of the home, nor does it supply any of the materials to finish the home (ie: windows, doors, exterior siding, etc.) It is the sole responsibility of the home kit buyer to source out any contractors and suppliers for the materials to build and finish the home.

The following cost per square foot data was obtained from:
Characteristics of New Housing, U.S. Census Bureau, 2008;

Average with Crawl/Slab
Above Average with Crawl/Slab
Average with Basement
Above Average with Basement
To calculate the cost of your home built by a builder vs. a Jan Brown's VALUBUILD Home, use the following form;
Select a Model:
Select your region:
Select your foundation:
Select a finish:
Select building skill level:
Your cost from a builder:
 Sq Ft
$ Cost P.S.F
(Your cost from a builder)
(The estimates provided above are for a home that is completely built out by a builder with the consumer doing none of the work. These averages do vary between areas, quality of materials used and do not include land prices.)
Average square foot cost (P.S.F) of building a Jan Brown's VALUBUILD home:
A. Home kit :
B. Finishes :
C. Labor :
D. Foundation* :
E. Total :
$   Cost P.S.F
* Foundation amounts for 2-story homes are half that of a single story, P.S.F
* When using a Slab, a floor system is not needed and a credit is applied ($4.00 P.S.F)
The cost of your home using Jan Brown's VALUBUILD;
 Sq Ft
$ Cost P.S.F
(Your cost)
The savings of your home using Jan Brown's VALUBUILD;
Builder cost
Jan Brown's VALUBUILD cost
(Your savings)
This is a  %  savings in your total home building cost
Disclaimer: These costs are estimates based only on the square footage of the home, and don't include land prices, garages, porches, decking, bonus space, intricate roofing, large number of windows, etc. Estimates may vary from actual costs by as much as 100% in some areas due to the many factors involved in building a stock house plan including quality of materials used, builder's costs, local price variances, and seasonal price fluctuations. You must get estimates from your local home-building professionals to determine an accurate cost of construction in your situation. We are not responsible for the accuracy and applicability of this information.


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